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Liang Weiye Mr Leung

Chairman / Group founder

Mr. Liang Weiye founded Liang's Weiming Company in Hong Kong in 1969. In 1982, Liang Weiye returned to his hometown of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province and began to build chemical products. A few years later, with the keen market observation ability, the chairman led the team into the shoe material and hardware industry one after another. 經過50多年的發展,梁氏偉明集團目前主要從事化工,鞋材,建材,燈飾和投資等領域。 Weiming Group's strength is constantly growing, and its market awareness in the country has continued to increase. After more than 50 years of development, Liang's Weiming Group is currently mainly engaged in chemical, footwear, building materials, lighting and investment.

Liang Bingkang Tim Leung

Group General Manager

Mr. Liang returned to China from studying in the United States in 2008 and began to join the Liang Weiming Group.

李远 杨 Mr Lee

General Manager ( floor area)

Mr. Li Yuanyang joined Liang Weiming Group for about 20 years and has been assisting the chairman in establishing the Group's flooring division to bring Weiming's flooring products from domestic to foreign countries. With his personal wisdom and professional and rich flooring knowledge, Always enjoys a certain popularity in the domestic flexible flooring industry, and currently serves as the chairman of the Guangdong Flexible Flooring Special Committee,

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